Many of my “students’ have asked me to write a list of shops and markets where I buy my groceries. Wherever I go or live, I always try out the local markets and make my way from shop to shop until I find the places with the best and freshest food, great service, and good value for money. I love going to the farmers market and am up, rain or shine, every Saturday morning to be one of the first people there. And I am not the only one; the best stuff is always sold out within the first 15 minutes. You snooze, you loose, as my husband always says. Here’s the list of my local favorites.


Mount Claremont Farmers Market

Saturdays from 8-12 (winter) or 7.30-11.30 (summer)            

Mr. Brock- beautiful biodynamic produce and occasional beef or pork products from his own farm

Ringwould- Fantastic goat’s cheeses, milk and yoghurt

Over the Moon- Delicious organic yoghurt, creamy milk and cow’s milk cheeses from Albany

Guinea Grove Farm Olive Oil- the best olive oil I have ever tasted. Biodynamic! My favorite is the “fruity blend”

Spencers Brook Farm sells delicious free-range pork products. The bacon and chorizo are a favorite in my family.

Plus: Seasonal apples, mandarins, asparagus, blueberries, etc. There’s always something good to find.

Subiaco Farmers Market

Saturdays from 8-12

Cambray Sheep Cheese- beautiful cheeses and sheep’s milk yogurt; check website for attendance

Hamel Homegrown Organics – some of the best prices for organic produce in town!

Vergones Fresh Produce - Delicious apples and other fruits and veggies. Everything comes straight from the farm, some of it organic, most of it spray-free. Excellent prices and very helpful staff.

IGA – Wembley

Well stocked super market with large organic section. Good variety of organic fruit and veggies, organic dairy products, and many organic pantry staples.


Fishmonger with excellent customer service and good prices

1/2A Loch Street (it’s actually just around the corner on Government Rd; 1st driveway on right), Nedlands Mo-Fr: 2-6 pm, Sat 9-1 pm


I love to go there for my bi-weekly shopping trips, despite the drive. I find the selection,  atmosphere and prices better than north of the river.

C-Shed Markets

Mr. Organic – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday public holidays; biggest selection of organic fruits and vegetables in the area. They also deliver!

Fremantle Markets

The Mousetrap – excellent variety of cheeses

The Raw Kitchen - bits and pieces for the “raw” kitchen and delicious raw pizza and chocolate balls

Hoa and Sean – Organic Produce, some home grown. My favorites are the strawberries ( with $3/punnet, the lowest prices in town), avocados and lettuce.

Manna Whole Foods

274 South Terrace;

Biggest natural grocery store in the area. Helpful staff. Great cafe!

Abhi’s Bread

next to Manna’s on 270 South Terrace

I buy all our bread there, it’s that good! Almost entirely organic, great selection. Swiss, which says it all when it comes to baking!


1/195 Hampton Rd, South Fremantle

Large and well sourced organic section; Competitively priced.

Fremantle Health Foods

Shop 8B, 219 Hampton Road

Great variety on vitamins and herbal remedies with excellent service.

I get my whey protein, greens powder, vitamins, as well as shampoo, soaps and tooth paste there.