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English Summer (part 2)

As promised, here is a taste of our culinary adventures on our recent trip to England.

Twenty years ago, my good friend Netti, who back then lived in London as an Au-pair, introduced me to “Food For Thought“, a vegetarian restaurant in Covent Graden. It is a lovely, informal and inexpensive basement restaurant with lots of innovative, delicious vegetarian food. I particularly enjoyed their most famous dessert, the Scrunch, and went back whenever I was in London to eat some more. Obviously, we went back again this year and had some delicious soups, salads, quiches and you guessed it, lots of Scrunch for dessert.



The next day, we took the ‘tube’ to Hammersmith Station and literally ran to “The River Cafe” to not miss our lunch reservation. Fearing the worst, we got there panting and sweating, but the hostess couldn’t have been more gracious and for the next few hours we had all the time in the world to eat, sigh and eat some more. Not quite sure what to expect and thinking more along the lines of “Food For Thought”, my husband wore his crocs, which he tried to hide under the long table cloth. However, nobody (except for myself) gave him a funny look and everyone was extremely nice and relaxed but attentive. I had a Bellini to start with, made with Prosecco and white peaches. It was divine. Our main courses were fish, mine a whole wood roasted red mullet and Alistair’s char grilled wild salmon. The tortellini stuffed with ricotta and fresh garden herbs, chosen by our gourmet-in-training, were of the silkiest, most delicate texture I have ever tasted (and I was lucky to get to try some). It didn’t take us long to contemplate the necessity of dessert and we decided on the almond tart with fresh strawberries. Oh what joy! It was half way eaten before I even had the chance to take a picture. I asked the friendly Kiwi baker if she could share the ingredients with me and she did. BUTTER! Everything else is almost negligible. I ordered the book (my 3rd River Cafe one) and will try and make it in my kitchen, hopefully finding a way to use just a little less of the main ingredient. If that doesn’t work, we just might have to forgo the main course and go straight from salad to dessert.