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German Christmas Cookies No. 1 – Linzer Stars

I know this must come as a bit of a surprise, but I have decided that it is time for a new post after a nearly 4-month absence from the blogging world. Your encouragement has been much appreciated, and ideas kept popping up in my head, unfortunately without the time to either realize them or document them on foodvergnuegen. Most of my energy was spent getting ready for our upcoming move to Beijing, which as most of your know is far from our first move, but it is definitely the hardest yet. We have left Perth a couple of weeks ago, the house is empty, the cars and white goods sold, the container fully loaded and our good-byes said. It’s been really busy and exhausting and my cooking was reduced to the bare minimum. So now that we are in our hide-away spot in the Berkshires to decompress until the end of January, I hope all this will change and I am looking forward to re-acquainting myself with the stove and the oven just in time for the holidays.

As to our future in Beijing, I am looking forward to exploring a whole new world of food, markets and recipes. I have sourced a few organic farms around Beijing which I’ll be sure to tell you all about. I am grateful they exist in a land were mass-food production is a top priority to feed the large Chinese population. For the rest, it is either imported for a large premium or I will have to bring it in my suitcase. I am sure we will be fine and well-fed as usual.

But for now, I’ll stick with what I know, which today is German Christmas cookies.  I use a trusted and much-loved collection of recipes that I have made for years now. These cookies make great gifts and brighten up our days waiting for snow and Santa to finally arrive. A scale is needed as I haven’t even tried to measure everything out in cups, tablespoons and ounces. This is a good reason to buy one; you can get them quiet cheap and even IKEA sells them. Make sure it has a lbs./oz. function as well as grams. You also need a round cookie cutter, about 2″ in diameter, a small star shaped one and the best raspberry jam you can find.

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